Cube Projects is housed in Brick at the Blue Star Arts Complex.

Cube Project Space at the Brick at Blue Star Arts Complex

CUBE Project Space

is a 501c3 organization that was created to support the creative community in San Antonio, Texas. Artist Incubator and Public Art Test Site.

Our Mission

Our core mission for Cube Projects at Brick is to continue to provide services, space and technology to artists, musicians, chefs, designers, video art, film makers and arts entrepreneurs. Our goal is to offer artist-run programs free to the public, along with incubator programs offered to artists at any stage in their careers, to push their creativity towards ambitious projects and unimaginable heights through art and cutting-edge technology.

Programs are offered to emerging and transitioning artists to help jump start their art careers and create a model to sell/perform/display their work.

Cube Projects at the Brick


Cube Projects is housed in Brick at Blue Star Arts Complex. We have an outdoor area with an iron gantry reaching 24 feet high that can serve as a public art project test site for artists to hone their art construction process using the latest technology to create a prototype for outdoor projects that deal with elements of light, wind, weight, weather and safety. This test site will yield prototypes for larger installations with full documentation of process, construction materials, installation fees, artist fees, housing, insurance, equipment rental (scissor lifts, cranes etc.) budgeting skills, and engineering reports.

This program will help artists apply for public art commissions with confidence and material to back up their creations as well as push artists beyond their comfort zone. NOTE: This project is open to artists of – 2d/3d visual, film/projection, sound, music, dance, performance, and experimental arts using the latest technology. 3 projects / 4months each per year.

Cube Projects at the Brick
Cube Projects at the Brick

The incubator program with CUBE PROJECTS …

The incubator program with CUBE PROJECTS is offered to emerging and transitioning artists to help jump start their careers and/or take their art and business in another direction.

The Micro Business Market Support & Incubator Program has expanded our ability to raise money to keep these programs going through our 501c3 – CUBE PROJECTS.

Our 100+ Sunday, Vintage, Vegan, and First Friday and Curated Markets have provided a space for many merchants/artists to sell their products.  We are constantly seeking grant money available to help local entrepreneurs and artists

Our mission at Brick has always been to provide services and space to the artist community along with supporting our micro entrepreneurs at a very low price, and now with Cube Projects # 83-3027157 we would like to offer these services for free to all artists/merchants.

Our arts and merchant markets have pumped millions of dollars back into the downtown and near downtown economies through sales of their artwork and products since 2014. Cube Projects goal is to continue to offer an opportunity where entrepreneurs and artists of San Antonio and Bexar County and will not only continue but prosper in growing their businesses and ensuring that there will always be opportunities for the up-and-coming artists of our community.

For Artist Run or Non-Profit Events – Call us to discuss rates – 210.265.6072

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CUBE Projects

“The entire DreamVoice leadership team is annually awed by the work and dedication of Elizabeth and her team at Brick team. Their passion and commitment to the growth of a dynamic downtown San Antonio, has been instrumental in the success of the DreamWeek SA summit. From being a foremost location sponsor to dealing with the numerous requests that partners have, the Elizabeth and her team have provided first services… managed with smiles!”

– Shokare Nakpodia

Program Manager, DreamVoice LLC